Which Pavers Are Best for Your Patio?

installing patio pavers

Now is the perfect time to plan to build or renovate your patio. You have enough time to conceptualize, design, and execute a patio installation or upgrade, so it will be ready when spring and summer arrive. A well-made paver will extend the invitation to hang out and create a great evening on the patio for you, your family, and your friends. Therefore, when selecting the ideal kind of paver, you should look for a material that is attractive, durable, and cost-effective.

Any homeowner building or renovating a patio knows it can be challenging to choose the best pavers. Therefore, you can end up feeling overwhelmed when choosing from a significant number of styles, colors, and shapes. Let Stonebridge Lawn & Garden help from picking the best pavers from a vast selection to installing them right in your home.

5 Best Pavers for Your Patio

Pavers, often known as paving stones, are a common choice for outdoor flooring because they are fashionable, durable, and remarkably adaptable. Although they resemble tiles, pavers don’t need grout between them and are frequently composed of a more porous substance that lets water to pass through smoothly. This is why pavers are the ideal flooring for patios, driveways, pool decks, and other outdoor spaces.

Here are some of the best pavers to make your patio and outdoor space stand out.

1. Flagstone

Flagstone is an excellent paver material for the patio and the pool deck. It is adaptable, available in many colors, and attractive. It has a roughness that aids with traction, which is crucial if your patio usually gets wet or is near a pool. Flagstone is a natural stone, so each piece is distinctive and gives a feeling of being crafted to order. It may be limited in certain areas, so team up with a contractor who has access to it or plan and acquire enough materials.

2. Concrete

Concrete is a good option if you live in a warm, dry area. It is the best choice if cost and ease of installation are your primary concrete. However, if you get a lot of rain, concrete might be a good choice because it can crack and leave moisture residue if power washing isn’t done frequently. In terms of visual appeal, concrete has undergone several improvements to improve, but it still retains a more dated, brutalist look.

3. Brick

Brick is a flexible material that can transform a bare backyard into a warm outdoor space. Although it doesn’t come in many different colors, there are various ways you can lay it, giving you various design alternatives.

The overall cost of a brick paver patio installation will depend on your chosen material. Even if hiring a professional for installation may add some cost, it is crucial because it is not a simple project. Before laying bricks, a pro will address any problems that can cause the ground to be uneven or shift. Hire a local contract to keep your costs to a minimum.

4. Reclaimed Brick

Reclaimed brick pavers are environment-friendly options. They are excellent for building a lovely patio area from recycled and reused materials. Properly cleaned, restored, and readied bricks are a terrific solution to get an original and timeless look. Since each brick is distinct and adaptable, it can produce striking designs.

5. Travertine

Travertine is a good choice as a patio paver. It is eco-friendly and a natural stone that will give your patio a classic look and is frequently used in pool decks. A nice feature of travertine is it insulates heat, which is beneficial while using the pool in the summer. If your pool deck demands a lot of design, the price to install a travertine paver could be high. If so, take into account using travertine tile instead, which is thinner and less expensive.

Professional Patio Installation with Stonebridge Lawn & Garden

While DIY paver patio ideas feel simple and practical, you should always think about hiring a professional to install them. Hiring a professional will ensure that your pavers are installed correctly, and proper maintenance will keep them looking their best for a very long time. If you lay the pavers yourself, there is a chance that they will move if the ground or surface is not prepared correctly. You may need to redo the project if the pavers are uneven or crooked. Use the knowledge and experience of Stonebridge Lawn & Garden contractors to avoid these issues, and get the job done right the first time.

Want a new patio or renovate one? Thinking of installing a standalone patio or a patio and pool deck combination? We would appreciate the opportunity to design and construct your project with you. Call Stonebridge Lawn & Garden right away at (972) 625-0066 to schedule a patio design consultation for your new or expanded outdoor space in North Dallas.



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