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Commercial and residential property owners need the environment around their buildings to be safe and sophisticated. After all, first impressions of the outside can foster a comfortable environment or build tension and distrust. One way to make your property appear more inviting is by installing pathway lighting.

Lighting designers at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden know how to complement any outdoor space and brighten the scenery. We specialize in perfecting curb appeal in The Colony, TX, without sacrificing functionality. Call us today at (972) 625-0066 for a free consultation and estimate.

The Benefits of Path Lights

Some property owners overlook pathway lighting while approving other light installations. However, path lights are exceptionally beneficial additions to an outdoor space, providing:

Increased visibility for homeowners and guests

Reduced likelihood of accidents and injuries

Distinct pathway boundaries to protect fragile foliage

Improved curb appeal

Accentuating features that the dark would otherwise hide

Our Specialty Plan For Outdoor Lighting

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At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we consider the overall landscape and accent spaces to enhance the natural beauty of your property. Our specialized lighting designers work with you to plan the best way to present the area safely. To ensure that you’re satisfied with our services, we offer comprehensive lighting installations, including:

LED Solutions

Properties in The Colony, TX, demand beauty, safety, and efficiency. To meet these needs, we install the best LED landscape lighting fixtures for your needs. LED lights provide more light for less energy and can withstand more weather conditions than other lights.

Property Matching

Our lighting designers match our fixtures with the overall theme of your property. Standard light casing colors include black, bronze, and stainless steel, though other options may work best for your landscaping plan. We work with you to create a meticulously planned blueprint for the final details of your lighting project.

Long-Term Care

Post-installation, we double-check that our lighting solutions meet your aesthetic expectations and provide the light necessary to traverse the property safely. In the event of any adjustments, we attend to them immediately and guarantee your satisfaction. We don't consider our job done until you're completely happy with your space's new look. We establish an annual maintenance plan to keep your lights up to code and beautifully presentable. For any issues, you can rely on our warranty coverage to make your beautification project more than worth the cost. Our team dedicates itself to providing service that is affordable but still high-quality.

Common Mistakes in Pathway Lighting in The Colony, Texas

Some typical mistakes many make when planning outdoor lighting include:

Excessive or inadequate lighting

Flooding an area with light can blind those walking through it and overexpose decorative features rather than highlight them. By contrast, too little light presents a tripping hazard.

Poor fixture placement and spacing

Lighting fixtures too close or too far from each other contribute to the excessive or inadequate lighting issue. Adequate placement and spacing allow the lights to achieve the desired effect.

Poor fixture choices

When choosing light fixtures, homeowners must consider more than just the aesthetic of the lights themselves. Using the wrong type of fixture can be detrimental to achieving a unified, well-lit look.

Lead visitors safely to your door and around your yard with pathway lighting. Navigating your lawn and garden at night is safer and easier with pathway lights.


Outdoor lights come in many varieties, including:

  • Lanterns
  • Flush lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Downlights
  • Garden lights

If you’re unsure what each of these terms means, don’t worry; our expert team can aid you in choosing the correct fixture for your property. After an initial evaluation of your space, we’ll advise you on which lights we think would best enhance your home. We’re happy to answer any questions you have at any step in our process.

At Stonebridge Lawn and Garden, we offer lighting to meet your every need, including accent lighting. Your options include:

  • Spotlights
  • Landscape lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Wall sconces
  • Accent backlighting and uplighting
  • Dimmable accent lighting
  • LED puck lights or track lighting
  • Outdoor accent lighting

As with any of our services, we can offer guidance on which lights to pick, and we’ll maintain the lights we install if you encounter problems in the future. We do everything we can to ensure that our lights last.

We Excel at Landscape Lighting

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden lighting designers are second to none in The Colony, TX. We provide the best lighting with optimal landscape accentuation in mind. Call us at (972) 625-0066 today for your free consultation and to start on your pathway lighting project.

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