Transformative Seasonal Color Services in The Colony, TX

Our seasonal flower planting services add a pop of color and curb appeal to your home or business that lasts through the year. Call our team today  to learn more about our flower beds or receive a quote.

Bring The Best Seasonal Color Experts in The Colony, TX, to Your Home or Business

Our experts plant flowers according to each season, ensuring your yard thrives.

seasonal red color flowers

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we know how much property owners in The Colony, TX care about their homes. You want and deserve the best for your personal space. One of the easiest and most effective ways to elevate your house or business to the next level is to treat it to one of our seasonal color services.

During a seasonal color installation, our expert landscapers will plant vibrant flowers in your garden beds according to the season, giving your property year-round color. For example, we’ll plant flowers with the perfect conditions to grow in the spring and summer alongside winter flowers that will bloom as the warm-weather flowers fade.

You can customize your seasonal color service to plant flowers in whichever colors you like. That said, seasonal planting is most stunning when you select tones that embody the energy of the season, and we have plenty of options that fit that description.

Benefits of Seasonal Color Planting

Though seasonal color installation is a straightforward service, it offers several benefits, including:

Curb Appeal

Brightly-colored flowers might not take much time relative to other home improvement projects, but they're just as transformative. With the professional touch we provide at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we'll ensure your dazzling flowers look their best and catch the eye of everyone walking past.

Lasting Benefits

In addition to blooming at the correct times for non-stop color benefits, our flowers are self-seeding, meaning they'll multiply on their own for pronounced, long-lasting beauty.

Low Maintenance

The flowers in our seasonal color installation don't need much outside routine plant care to stay healthy. With occasional watering, you'll keep your new plant life thriving.

Annual Flowers vs. Perennial Flowers

seasonal pink and orange color flowers

One thing setting our seasonal color services apart is that we use annual flowers rather than perennial ones. Though we will need to replant annual flowers at the end of the year, they grow more buds, emit brighter colors than perennial flowers, and have a longer bloom time.

Perennial flowers, on the other hand, can stay in the ground for longer than a year but will go dormant while out of season. They also do not bloom quite as much or as bright.

Our Annual Flower Options

We have a wide selection of annual flowers for each season, including:

Autumn: Pansies, Parsley, Violas

Spring and Summer: Begonia, Lantana, Petunias, Salvia

We can also plant chrysanthemums in the off-season as a transitional flower from the frigid winter to warm spring.

Talk to our seasonal color experts to find the best flowers for your lawn. Team up with our landscapers to plant vibrant flowers perfect for the season.

Seasonal Color FAQs

You should choose the shades of your seasonal color planting based on the energy you want to project each season. For example, if you want your home or business to look vibrant to match the warm weather, bright pink and yellow flowers will fit well. Similarly, if you prefer something relaxing for autumn, deep red and orange shades are the way to go.

Since curb appeal is the most significant benefit of seasonal color services, the best place to put your flowers is somewhere the foliage color can attract as many eyes as possible. For residential spaces, that typically means near the front entrance or around an outdoor living space in the backyard.

Commercial buildings also benefit from our seasonal color services. A bright array of healthy, perfectly-planted flowers creates an inviting aesthetic that attracts people to businesses and makes them feel welcome.

Contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden For The Best Seasonal Color Services in The Colony, TX

Seasonal color installation can make your home or business more vibrant and exciting through the changing seasons. If you’re ready to bring those benefits to your property, Stonebridge Lawn & Garden is the best place to go.

Our team’s expansive catalog of flowers will hold their color and produce more buds throughout the year. Additionally, our landscapers know how to plant flowers flawlessly to ensure they grow at full strength and provide a stunning, professionally-maintenance appearance.

Call Stonebridge Lawn & Garden today at (972) 625-0066 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our seasonal color work.

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