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As part of an HOA, you understand the importance of keeping your community pristine. However, it can sometimes be challenging to keep every homeowner on the same page regarding yard maintenance. Hiring a professional maintenance company for your HOA ensures that your community maintains its uniform look.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden provides premiere HOA maintenance. Stonebridge’s landscaping team possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to complete sophisticated and appealing exterior projects. Our services expand across The Colony, TX, and Denton County, from lawn mowing to mulch installations. We understand that an HOA is a community that needs a unified look.

The Benefits of Lawn Mowing

HOA fees include community maintenance, from instilling property laws to managing lawns. Rely on trusted lawn care professionals to give your community members quality service. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden has you covered with expertise beyond just doing the work.

Any HOA management company can mow a lawn, but our specialists use intuitive methods that grow healthy green grass. For example, cutting the grass too low contributes to lawn death and may lead to expensive landscape replacements. Instead, our specialists advise not to cut more than one-third of the grass height during mowing to prevent damage.

We give each property quality treatment, including string trimming, edging, and blowing, to finish the yard with a clean, tidy appearance. Mowing also allows us to check the lawn for any potential problem spots that may require more in-depth care. This way, we can potentially stop weed and insect infestations in their tracks.

Schedule weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing sessions depending on your community’s needs. We’re happy to work according to your schedule.

Refreshing Landscape Beds

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It takes more than green grass to bolster an HOA’s appearance. Landscape beds and mulching maintain plant health and add unique design elements to the community.

Mulch helps prevent weeds, protects the soil and plant roots from turbulent temperature changes, and retains moisture and minerals. These traits keep the flowers, shrubs, and bushes planted in them healthy. Different plants require different types of mulch, and our experts know what each of The Colony’s plants needs to thrive.

As part of our homeowners’ association maintenance plan, we replace the mulch in all neighborhood landscape beds yearly. You can choose from our wide selection of mulch options based on color, texture, and benefits! We will always advise the best choice for the area and the plants you want to improve the community’s aesthetic.

Seasonal Annuals

Adding seasonal flowers to community landscape beds provides pops of color in a luscious sea of green grass. Gardeners can change annual flowers throughout the year for variety. Our warm and cold-season annuals brighten up any homeowners’ association grounds!

Flowers in Denton County require hardiness toward the summer heat that many northern plants do not have. We offer a wide selection of warm-season annuals, some of which bloom in May and June or last as long as November. Many flowers have “temperennial” traits, where they thrive as perennials in some climates and annuals in others.

A few of our favorite Texas-ready garden options include:






The cool seasons include early March and April, fall, and winter. In contrast to typical understandings of plant growth, some flowers and plants flourish in the chill. A few require cooler temperatures, while others can brave the heat of early summer.

Some of the top cooler weather picks include:




Sweet Alyssum

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage

Stick to HOA requirements. When it comes to lawn care, we offer top-notch HOA maintenance services to ensure that your community maintains its uniform look.

Additional HOA Maintence Services in The Colony, TX

HOA maintenance often requires more in-depth services to look after the lawns on each property. Our additional services help maintain the community’s aesthetic and health to a greater degree. Lawn care specialists with our team collect and utilize detailed HOA information to manage unique property needs.

Some of our additional services include:

Grass and Plant Fertilization

Weed and Lawn Insect Control

Mosquito Control Services

We also offer holiday lighting installations. There’s no need for homeowners to attempt dangerous DIY methods. Your community members can thrive in the holiday season while we add the aesthetics.

Our HOA Services Boost Property Beauty

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden experts provide top-notch HOA maintenance. We work with each homeowner to improve the health and appearance of the community.

Our team extends services to HOAs in The Colony, TX, and nearby Denton County cities. Call us at (972) 625-0066 today to learn more about how to accentuate your community naturally.

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