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We provide trimming & pruning services for businesses in The Colony, TX, and the surrounding areas, including Frisco, Hackberry, and Plano.

Tree trimming

Get expert pruning once a year and trimming all year round from The Colony tree trimming professionals you can trust.

Do you have trees and shrubs that need care but are unsure where to start? Our trimming & pruning service here at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden is for you.

We understand that overgrown trees and shrubs are unattractive and potential liabilities. Asymmetrical and unsound trees are a safety hazard for everyone around. Call Stonebridge before a falling tree or wayward branch causes a problem.

Our expert arborists serve The Colony, TX, area and are always happy to take on new clients who need top-notch tree care.

Differentiating Between Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trimming & pruning often go hand in hand in conversations, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Arborists perform both tasks at different times of the year and using different gardening tools.

Trimming focuses on enhancing the tree’s aesthetic appeal and countering the impact of overgrowth.

Pruning focuses on promoting the healthy growth of fruit plants and flowers. We achieve this by removing diseased branches before they can cause severe damage.

Any tree cutting service worth your time and money understands the differences between these services and when to perform each.

Common Reasons for Trimming & Pruning Trees and Shrubs

A man trimming the tree with a trim machine

Some of the top reasons for trimming and tree pruning include:

Improved Plant Health

If you have a tree looking droopy or sickly, it may be creaking under the weight of dead branches and decaying segments. Pruning can encourage the growth of new healthy branches by removing dead parts. It will also alleviate the unnecessary workload on the tree roots. Trimming can remove overgrowth, exposing your plants to more sunlight and fresh air. Both methods make your shrubs and trees healthier overall.

Better Ground Clearance

Neglected trees can become problematic as they grow. They can block driveways and roadways and push into neighboring properties. It's not uncommon to find tree branches entangled with power and telephone lines, increasing the risks of fires and outages. Our trimming specialists can ensure safe and ample clearance by preventing overgrowth. Your trees will stay within the bounds of your yard.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Getting rid of dead and tangled branches is one of the best ways to give your yard a fresh look. We will shape your trees and shrubs to match your property to perfection. Do you live near a mountain range or a lake and want to enjoy picturesque views from your property? We can trim your trees to ensure you can capture beautiful panoramic shots every time.

Better Development for Young Shoots

Do you want to encourage a young shoot to grow faster? Pruning can help. Selective pruning works well when a plant has weak and slow-growing segments. The process encourages the growth of spurs, giving you robust flower buds, more flowers, and fruits. Pruning is also a fantastic way to reduce the risk of insect infestation in the summer if you have fruit trees.

What is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

You can prune trees at any time between early spring and late fall. Our expert team can advise the best time to prune the plants in your yard, depending on your plant collection.

Our Pruning Techniques

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, our arborists employ a range of pruning techniques, including:


We use this technique to prune ornamental shrubs and fruit trees to ensure they grow flat against latticed walls.


This technique involves the removal of a tree or shrub branch at ground level to encourage bottom growth.


With this method, we cut off some tree crowns and branches to encourage growth in the top part of the tree.

Working with a team that will avoid destructive pruning methods such as topping is essential. These techniques can make the tree feeble and susceptible to pest damage.

Trim and prune your plants regularly to promote healthy growth and make them more attractive. Schedule regular trimming and pruning today!

How Much Does Tree Trimming & Pruning Cost in The Colony, TX?

Pruning & tree trimming costs will vary from one landscape to the other. It all comes down to the type of plants you have.

We give competitive estimates on every project after a walk-through of your property. Our experts will consider factors like:

Tree type

Job risk and other safety concerns

Your preferences

Time we'll spend on the job

Choose Arborists That Put Your First

Don’t leave your trees’ health in jeopardy. Call Stonebridge Lawn & Garden at (972) 625-0066 today for professional trimming & pruning in The Colony, TX, area.

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