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The Best Lawn Care and Landscape Services in Little Elm, TX

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Little Elm, TX, is no longer the secret, small town it used to be. Recently, it has blossomed into a community of 46,000 residents who have fallen in love with the city and found their forever home. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we know Little Elm citizens want the best for the properties they adore.

Our job is to help the Little Elm community build the homes and businesses they want in the only way we know how; expert landscape, hardscape, and lawn care services. We offer a vast range of services that let you craft your dream outdoor space and keep it in perfect condition.

We’re a one-stop shop for all landscape and lawn maintenance services in Little Elm, TX. Our landscaping team is adept at every outdoor service under the sun, and our skills will elevate your property into something you’ll be proud to show off to your neighbors.

Build Your Dream Lawn With Landscape and Hardscape Services in Little Elm, TX

We offer several hardscape features at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden that can transform your property any way you see fit. We can install anything from luxury features like water fountains, elegant steps, and walkways to gathering spots like patios, gazebos, and even outdoor kitchens. Our landscaping company also provides durable, visually stunning retaining walls that keep sloped areas from developing soil diseases while making the outdoor space more elegant.

Regardless of what hardscape services in Little Elm, TX, you want from our company, the finished product will give your landscape more curb appeal. We also offer softscape installation, which provides properties with ideal spots for new plant life. Whether you set up a softscape, hardscape, or both, you’ll discover a unique way to customize your space while boosting your property value.

If you need to build your landscape from the ground up before filling it with elegant hardscapes, Stonebridge Lawn & Garden is still the place to go. We offer design and planning as part of our landscape services in Little Elm, TX. With these services, our technicians map out the features necessary to make your picture-perfect lawn come to life. Then, we’ll use our years of experience to put everything in place and provide the ideal outdoor space.

Keep Your Landscape Looking Its Best With Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services in Little Elm, TX

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Taking care of a landscape is challenging work, but with our lawn maintenance and lawn care services in Little Elm, TX, you won’t have to go at it alone. We offer lawn fertilization, aeration, and seeding that help landscapes grow lush, healthy grass and plants. However, our lawn care work doesn’t stop there.

Lawns have to combat countless hidden enemies, two of the most common of which are weeds and disease. Unfortunately, unsightly weed growth often happens during the scorching Little Elm summers. Meanwhile, diseases such as red thread and dollar spots can leave discolored patches that detract from your lawn’s expertly manicured appearance. The Stonebridge team offers disease and weed control as part of our lawn maintenance services in Little Elm, TX, to evict these adversaries from your property and keep them from returning.

Our team is also skilled at pest control and can keep common Little Elm critters like fire ants, armyworms, and grubs off your property. If you notice any signs of insect infestation, call us right away. A skilled team will eliminate the invaders and repair any damage they’ve caused.

Our maintenance work also includes mowing, tree pruning, and yard clean-ups. So, you can pass your unwanted chores to professionals who will get the job done right. You can relax knowing your property is in capable hands.

Make Your Outdoor Space Shine With Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Little Elm, TX, From Stonebridge Lawn & Garden

The best part about our landscaping services in Little Elm, TX, is that they turn dull outdoor spaces into works of art that property owners love. After transforming your property, it’s natural to want to show off your landscape investment as much as possible. You can do that with our outdoor landscape lighting in Little Elm, TX.

We offer outdoor lights for landscapes, patios and decks, architecture, and pathways. These lights will illuminate your property and keep its curb appeal shining day or night, but they also have more practical benefits. For example, our outdoor lighting can increase your property’s safety and security by guiding visitors through the dark at night and discouraging intruders from making unwanted visits.

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Finalize Your Landscape With Specialty Services in Little Elm, TX

In addition to our yard clean-up and lawn mowing service, our landscaping and lawn care company offers several unique jobs you won’t find anywhere else. These include holiday decorating, fence installation, HOA maintenance, and more. Our team isn’t just the best landscaping company in Little Elm, TX, because we offer the city’s most comprehensive services; we’re the best because of our unbeatable record of creating stunning landscapes.

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Little Elm, TX, is a rapidly growing community, which has led to a rise in companies offering lawn care services. However, Stonebridge Lawn & Garden stands head and shoulders above the competition. Not only are our lawn care experts knowledgeable and skilled in standard landscaping and lawn care jobs, but we offer more ways to turn your property into your dream space than anyone else.

No matter what landscaping projects you have on the docket, the Stonebridge Lawn & Garden team will help you through them. Our extensive landscaping and lawn care skills and knowledge make us the top choice for landscape, hardscape, lighting, and lawn care services in Little Elm, TX.

You won’t find a landscaping or lawn care service in Little Elm, TX, as thorough or professional as the ones at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden. Call our team today at (972) 625-0066 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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