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Sod Installation

A professional sod installation is the best way to save your lawn from irreparable damage. Without reasonable restoration efforts, you remain at risk of storms, flooding, and human activity creating an unsightly yard. Fortunately, at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we have the tools and skills to restore your property’s pristine look.

We offer sod installation services across Texas to help residents enhance their outdoor spaces. If you want your entire lawn to flourish for years, look no further than our premier home service company.

Why Invest in Sod Installation?

A sod installation helps tackle the challenging task of regrowing sick and dying grass. Unlike conventional fertilizer and seeding, which take months to yield results, our technicians will protect your grass roots instantly.

Other benefits of this excellent service include:

Freedom to walk on your lawn without disrupting seeds

Reinforce sloped areas of your property against erosion

Low cost and energy upkeep

Guaranteed restorations

We Make Sod Installations Easy

Sod Installation

Our lawn service team has years of experience managing sod installations for homeowners like you. We use modern sod cutter technology and strategies to improve the health of your lawn without delays. Our selection of superior products ensures you have the solution you need for:

Your soil and density

The amount of sunlight your yard receives

Foot traffic from kids, pets, or neighbors

And more

Our team lays down an initial starter fertilizer to keep the sod in place. We then check for air pockets and other factors that may reduce the effectiveness of the installation. Using these methods, we put our expertise to work ensuring:

Pests, weeds, and other harmful elements don’t make a home in your new sod

The installation is durable and long-lasting

The lawn stays lush all year

Optimizing Your Sod Installation in The Colony Areas

We recommend investing in a mechanical irrigation system to optimize grass growth. Regularly watering your lawn will improve grass color, texture, and health. If you struggle to maintain your sod after our technicians install it, contact us immediately.

Our company prides itself on the professional lawn care services we provide customers. Before you commit to an installation, we will discuss warranty options, inspections, and more. We dedicate ourselves to keeping your lawn healthy year-round.

Our technicians understand that every property is different. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the most rewarding outcome for your space.

Spend more time enjoying your lawn instead of growing it. Our sod installation is the best way to instantly roll out a lush, healthy, and mature lawn.

FAQs About Sod Installation

Sod is a durable layer of grass and roots that a technician uses to repair unhealthy sections of the yard.

Our crew will roll these pieces across your lawn to create a seamless look. The installation is complete after the sod firmly attaches to the yard’s soil.

Remember that sod is not artificial grass. Treat it with plenty of water and sunlight when possible.

Sod installations are low-cost alternatives to grass reseeding. Investing in this solution prevents you from paying more for seeds and upkeep, which may yield poor results.

The cost of your sod installation will depend on how many square feet you need for your property. Speak to our team for more information about what you will pay.

Generally, the sod will last decades with the proper upkeep. Enlisting our lawn technicians to inspect and protect your yard against future damage is essential.

Depending on how many square feet of sod you need, installation may only take a couple of hours. We repair your lawn quickly, so you aren’t waiting months to restore unsightly patches.

Some projects only take one or two technicians to complete. Enjoy maximum efficiency by hiring our crews for your next sod installation. We work fast without sacrificing quality.

Treat Your Lawn to the Care It Deserves

Don’t let storms and foot traffic ruin your property’s beauty. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden professionals are here to help.

Our crew provides reliable solutions to protect your yard against weathering, harsh pesticides, and invasive plant life. We partner with hundreds of homeowners yearly to improve their grass and garden beds. Our representatives will answer any questions you have about these services and costs.

We value comprehensive communication. Choose us to avoid hidden fees and lackluster results. We will keep you updated with our progress and any discoveries during the project.

Contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden in The Colony, TX, for stellar sod installation. Call (972) 625-0066 to learn more about sod installations.

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