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Stunning Pergolas & Gazebos in The Colony, TX

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Pergolas & gazebos are the perfect solutions to beat the summer heat. Not only do they provide extra shade from the hot sun, but they also create an ideal space to throw summer barbecues and parties. Furthermore, installing a pergola or gazebo is an excellent way to raise property value and increase your yard’s curb appeal.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we specialize in creating beautiful and multi-functional outdoor spaces. Our contractors have years of experience in outdoor construction and are passionate about developing structures that reflect your exact vision. We love to include our clients in every step of the planning and installation process.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference between pergolas & gazebos and the distinct benefits of each. Then, contact us to determine which is best for you.

What Is the Difference Between a Pergola & Gazebo?

Many consider pergolas and gazebos identical, but there are a few significant differences between the two. These include:

Roof design

Pergolas have roofs comprised of horizontal trellises forming a crossing pattern. Often metal or wood, the trellises are water-resistant and protected from rust and decay for years to come. By contrast, contractors construct most gazebos with a closed roof. This provides maximum shade from the sun and requires that the structure remains fully detached from the home. Gazebos also feature a fully weather-resistant design, as rain cannot penetrate the enclosed roof.

Plant integration

The latticework design of pergola roofs allows the owner to train plants and vines to grow through the gaps between the trellises, making it appear like a natural part of the garden or yard. Because gazebos feature fully-enclosed roofs, this sort of plant integration isn't possible. However, homeowners can use artfully-placed foliage inside a gazebo as decoration.

Benefits of Pergola & Gazebo Installation in The Colony & Surrounding Areas

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Pergolas & gazebos increase property value. They also encourage you and your family to spend time outdoors. Not only will this allow you to breathe some fresh air, but it will also allow you to spend quality time with your family away from technological distractions.

Pergolas and gazebos also have distinct advantages based on their structural design.

The benefits of pergola installation include:

When compared to gazebos, pergolas cost less to install. Thus, you can add functional outdoor living space to your yard for a lower cost.

Adding vines and plants makes pergolas a beautiful and natural focal point of any yard.

Pergolas are a convenient outside space to relax in during the summer.

Stylish pergolas have versatile design options, meaning you can request any trend, from rustic to modern.

You can easily attach a pergola to the side of your home or request installation in your lawn or garden space.

The benefits of gazebo installation include:

When installing a garden gazebo, you can choose from many unique shapes for the roof, such as octagonal, rectangular, or even oval-shaped.

Though you can leave the sides of a gazebo open, you can also choose to install curtains, bug screens, glass panels, etc., to close off the sides.

Gazebos are functional structures, meaning you can comfortably spend time in them no matter the weather. Garden, folly, and grill gazebos are some of the most popular options, but you can easily adapt any design to your particular needs.

Due to the solid roof structure, you can install fans and lights in your gazebo. That means you can stay cool all summer and use your gazebo any time, day or night!

Why Choose Stonebridge Lawn & Garden

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we prioritize customer service and excellence in design. We only use high-quality construction materials that match your budget and design preferences. Furthermore, every structure and landscape design we produce is unique and adaptable to your yard and specific needs.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden puts our contractors through an extensive interview process. This guarantees that our employees have ample landscaping experience and superior customer service skills. We are so confident in our contractors’ abilities that we boast a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every job we complete.

Elevate your outdoor living space with pergolas and gazebos. For design and installation, contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden today!

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If you would like to start the pergola & gazebo installation process, contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden. We take pride in our speedy and exceptional work outdoors. Our company can also complete other hardscape design and landscaping services for your convenience.

We proudly serve The Colony, TX, and the surrounding communities. Give one of our friendly team members a call at (972) 625-0066 to schedule a free consultation today.

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