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We’re the all-around lawn and garden team you’ve been waiting for. A reputable and dependable group of outdoor space and landscape professionals that can create beautiful backyard oases, increase your home’s curb appeal, and give you that luscious thick green yard you’ve always wanted.

Maybe you’ve got grubs? Unhealthy grass with weeds? Big brown patches in your lawn? Overgrown trees, shrubs, and bushes? A boring backyard or a front garden that’s got nothing special to showcase your home? No matter what you need to be done, Stonebridge Lawn & Garden is here to give you the latest and greatest in lawn, garden, and landscape services. We’re the experts that will get the job done right!

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6 of the most-asked lawn, garden, and landscape,
questions answered by Stonebridge experts

How do I get my lawn to be really green & beautiful?

There are three keys to a beautiful green lawn. First, you must maintain your lawn with regular mowing, edging and debris removal. This is your first barrier to pests, weeds and disease. Second, be sure to have a regular fertilization plan in place. Fertilizer is what creates strong roots and healthy grass that can fight weed infestation. Third, protect your lawn by controlling pests. We use a combination of liquid and granular insecticides depending on the type of pests that are found in your green spaces. If you are consistent in maintaining these three things, you’ll have a beautiful lawn. We offer a variety of services for every size of green space.
We’re ready to make your yard look lush!
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How do I keep weeds out of my lawn?

Professional lawn treatment is the best protection your lawn has against invasive weeds like crabgrass or dallisgrass. Depending on the weed you may have, it may require several treatments or complete manual removal of the weeds root system. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden uses two types of insecticides - “kill on contact” sprays and time release granulars.We can’t stress enough the importance of a timely and professional based treatment plan your lawn needs in creating a beautiful lawn. Check out our three levels of Healthy Lawn Treatment Plans.
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How do I get rid of pests and grubs in my lawn?

A healthy lawn is what helps keep pests like grubs, fire and carpenter ants, cinch bugs, worms, and other lawn-destroying insects at bay. However, until you can get your lawn into shape you may have to use insecticides. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden uses two types of insecticides - “kill on contact” sprays and time release granules. There’s no one single fix for every pest, but with regular fertilization, safe insecticide treatment, and regular maintenance you can rid your lawn of pests. With bi-annual, quarterly or monthly options for pest control we’ll take away this worry!
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We want a backyard oasis. What can you do to create one for us?

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden excels in complete design, removal and installation of landscaping for every size yard or green space. The design process is done with the needs and wants of the client as top priority. Once the design is complete and approved we start removal of any debris, shrubs, trees and lawn to clear the property for the new landscaping elements. Finally, we install all the pieces of the beautiful new design to create the relaxing haven your family deserves! A backyard oasis can be yours! We’re ready to deliver.
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What is hardscaping? Do I need it?

Hardscaping is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home. Patios, paved or stone walkways, stone or rock borders for your flowerbeds and tree rings are just a few of the many ways we can incorporate hardscapes into your outdoor living scenery. Not only can hardscaping increase the resale value of your home, but it can provide privacy and organization to your overall outdoor space. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden would be happy to discuss hardscaping options to your existing or new landscape design.
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How often should my shrubs, bushes, and trees be trimmed?

For bushes and shrubs we recommend regular maintenance and at the very least, a bi-annual fall and spring cleanup to keep your yard in tip top shape. This includes trimming, shaping and mulching dead leaves and limbs. Some plants should be trimmed more frequently. The timing for tree trimming is also subjective based on the type of tree. Things to consider - dead limbs and storm damage, allowing the proper amount of light through the leaves and rooflines and fence lines that can bring rodents. We’re ready to trim all your trees, bushes and shrubs!
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Meet the Stonebridge team

In 2005, Tony and Kathy started a company dedicated to beautifying the lawns, gardens, and outdoor spaces of northern Dallas, Texas. Their strong commitment to their community and dedicated team of lawn and landscape experts has grown into the company you know as Stonebridge Lawn & Garden.

There’s no landscaping job this family-owned business can’t tackle. They’ve got the power of award-winning ideas, green luscious lawns, pest-free outdoor oases, and hundreds of satisfied customers behind them.

A few reasons why the grass is always greener on the Stonebridge side of the fence

We’re family-owned. That means when you call, we answer. And by we, it’s the same team of dedicated employees that you’ll see at each job we complete for you. We’re all committed to providing the best service to our clients — that means you!

We’re licensed and insured. That’s right, professional in every aspect and we follow through on our contracts and jobs so our customers are 100% satisfied.

We’re dependable and reputable and know our customers by name. Call it the “Cheers factor,” but it’s important to us that we provide excellent service to the community that we also call home.

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