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Prevent unsightly water pools in your landscape with proper drainage and grading from Stonebridge Lawn & Garden.

Expert Drainage & Grading Services in The Colony and the surrounding cities.

Our skilled technicians have years of experience keeping your yard’s water flowing smoothly.

Drainage installation

Unsightly pools of water can damage your property and potentially threaten your building’s infrastructure. When standing water collects in your yard, the land likely requires drainage assistance. In other circumstances, additional grading may help level or slope the property.

Before deciding, schedule a quality review from our Stonebridge Lawn & Garden experts. Our technicians can diagnose drainage and grading issues and create customized solutions for your property. Home and land owners in The Colony, TX, and other Denton County cities rely on our quick and efficient services.

Our Service Benefits

Commercial and residential property owners require stable land and good building foundations. Over time, soil erosion can alter the landscape and lead to standing water. Additionally, some properties come with unusual divots that can prevent water from draining as it should.

Standing water can weaken building materials, damage and kill plants, and attract mosquitoes and other lawn pests.

Our technicians can provide drainage and grading solutions whether you have just purchased the land or already established buildings. We can ensure the water drains away from the property and to appropriate water locations.

After receiving drainage or grading assistance, our clients report that their land:

Requires less maintenance overall

Erosion and excess water issues disappear with proper technical care. Lawn care becomes much easier to manage without as many divots and dips in the land.

Appears more organized

Without liquid drainage issues, the soil spends significantly less time as a muddy mess. Our installations also add a new touch to the landscape that looks more professional and appealing.

The Types of Drainage Services We Offer in The Colony, Texas

Drainage and Grading

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offers various drainage and grading solutions for your standing water problems. Different options work best depending on the land, and we’re happy to walk you through each of our methods:

Dry Stream Beds:

Dry stream beds are landscape features that look like creeks or streams. Most dry stream beds have rocks, boulders, and water-resilient plants. This beautiful and solid feature creates a path for water to flow away from the property and helps prevent erosion.

Underground Drainage:

Our contractors can install pipes below the ground at troublesome standing water locations. These pipes then distribute the excess water to other places, including for water collection.

Flow Wells:

When too much stormwater builds up on the surface of your property, a flow well can gather the water. Instead of sending it to the already overtaxed drainage system, it returns the water to underground water tables.

Land Recontouring:

This process, also known as regrading, adjusts the slopes and levels of the property. Surveyors review the current elevation levels and replace soil from different parts of the land.

Rain Gardens:

Rain gardens, like flower beds, create a space for water-resilient plants to receive excess runoff. These superabsorbent spots reduce flooding and beautify the landscape at the same time. Our lawn care specialists can shape them to fit your property.

Downspout Piping:

We install downspout piping to the gutter spouts to redirect water flow away from the property foundation.

French Drains:

French drains dwell under a layer of gravel in a ditch of sloped ground. The water entering the drain flows either toward public waterways or to personal water collection installation.

Water Collecting

There is limited legislation regarding rainwater collection in Texas. It’s best to consult professionals when considering collecting and consuming rainwater. That said, there are several options for those who want to do so:

Catch Basins:

We install catch basins near the curbs of your property to move excess water to local waterways. You do not retain this water, but it can recycle into the local water system.


This option works well for property owners who want to store rainwater. Due to unsafe chemical levels in recent water tests, however, please speak with a licensed water quality specialist before deciding how to use it.

Proper drainage and grading can prevent landscape problems. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden can help you solve puddling and draining issues in and around your property.

Keep Standing Water From Damaging Your Property

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden contractors set up the best-quality drain systems for your land. While these procedures require digging, our quick and efficient methods have your property back to normal in no time. Our expertise resolves your standing water issues and leaves behind a beautiful landscape.

Properties in The Colony, TX, and surrounding cities rely on our drainage and grading services. Call us at (972) 625-0066 today for your free consultation!

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