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Exceptional Lawn Care and Landscape Services in Oak Point, TX

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Oak Point, TX, is about 40 miles north of Dallas in Denton County. It sits in an ideal location between the lovely Lewisville Lake peninsula, the Dallas North Tollway, Interstate 35E, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. As a tranquil suburban town with proximity to urban communities, Oak Point has something for everyone.

One highlight of Oak Point is a rural feel with plenty of green spaces. Whether residents visit parks and businesses or venture into their backyards, well-maintained landscapes bring a sense of pride to this charming community.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden is one of the area’s leading landscape and lawn care companies. We offer exceptional landscape services in Oak Point, TX, transforming residential and commercial properties through landscape design, hardscape installation, flower bed rejuvenation, and more.

Your Go-to Choice for Quality Landscape and Hardscape Services in Oak Point, TX

The right landscape design featuring flowers, grass, shrubs, and other additions is integral to a property’s curb appeal. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we can breathe new life into your current landscape or create an entirely new design with all your desired features. We have the skills to develop and install beautiful designs that incorporate stunning flower beds and other softscapes.

One of our specialties is flower bed renovation. Our team can revitalize your landscape with a fresh bed design after conducting an on-site evaluation of your yard. We prepare the soil with beneficial microbes and fertilizer, then provide unmatched bed installation services to improve your property’s aesthetics using your choice of flowers and shrubs.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden also provides top-tier hardscape services and landscape services in Oak Point, TX. Our team can enhance your outdoor living space by installing patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, driveways, and walkways. We can also install retaining walls to reduce soil erosion on sloped land and create more surface area for softscapes.

Receive the Best Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Services in Oak Point, TX

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Stonebridge Lawn & Garden understands that a beautiful lawn is a healthy one. Insects, fungal growths, and weeds can rob grass plants of vital nutrients. Even ill-maintained grass can leave a negative impression on visitors or potential customers.

As a top lawn service provider in Oak Point, we offer several lawn care services to help your yard achieve healthy grass growth. Our comprehensive maintenance program includes mowing and edging the lawn for a well-manicured appearance. Our professional landscapers also offer tree and shrub trimming to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Beyond mowing, you can expect the professionals from Stonebridge Lawn & Garden to ensure that the soil is full of nutrients by applying fertilizer and compost to yards that need extra help. If the soil’s oxygen level is low, we can aerate and seed your yard to help the grass grow. Rest assured, our exceptional weed control, lawn insect control, and disease control services will help your grass grow and look its best.

Plants thrive under the right conditions, so our team offers routine lawn maintenance services to take care of your property year-round. We can provide regular lawn mowing and maintenance to ensure your yard never looks unkempt. This also includes shrub and hedge pruning and trimming, seasonal yard cleanups, and mulch installation.

Unmatched Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Oak Point, TX

No landscape design is complete without the proper lighting. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we have some of the best outdoor landscape lighting services in Oak Point. Whether you need lighting to illuminate a pathway or create a specific ambiance, we can do it all.

Improving your landscape isn’t the only reason to consider outdoor landscape lighting. Strategic illumination of your property can deter trespassers after dark and help authorized inhabitants move around the property safely. We can install lights on your building, along pathways, patio stairs, gardens, and more.

We expertly install high-quality, state-of-the-art lighting using several applications to complement the landscape design. For instance, our plan can incorporate spotlighting to create a focal point on your property after sundown or uplighting to shine lights on your yard’s features from the bottom up. Other outdoor lighting methods we may use include downlighting and path lighting.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden has high-tech lighting solutions that you can control anytime from your phone, laptop, or tablet. With this service, you can change the color of the lights and adjust the lights’ operating times. We are the right service to call if you want control over your outdoor lighting.

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Enhance Your Property With Our Specialty Services in Oak Point, TX

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offers more than quality landscape services in Oak Point, TX. While we’ve mentioned that we prune shrubs and hedges, the Stonebridge experts can also trim or remove trees on your property that are overgrown or diseased. We also have specialty services like commercial grounds and HOA maintenance for large properties. Our team can also provide reliable drainage and grading solutions to prevent rainwater from damaging your lawn or building’s foundation.

Our lighting and landscape design team can create custom holiday decor and lighting schemes for your home or business during the holiday season. We handle the design, installation, and take-down of the lights and decorations for your convenience. Rely on us so you can focus on enjoying the festivities.

Another specialty service Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offers is fence installation. Adding a new fence to your property improves the property’s aesthetics and value while enhancing your home’s appearance, security, and privacy.

Oak Point Residents Trust Stonebridge Lawn & Garden

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden team values your time and understands your desire for a well-maintained property exterior, so we offer the best landscape services in Oak Point, TX. Our landscaping company knows the local climate and plant life and has the expertise and tools to create a stunning landscape design and execute it flawlessly.

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