Reliable Bed Renovations & Softscapes in The Colony, Texas

Our bed renovations & softscapes can elevate your property with vibrant, healthy plant life that gives your home or business a unique, earthy aesthetic.

The Best Bed Renovators and Softscape Installers in Texas

Our expert team will renovate your flower beds and install the perfect softscapes to complement your home.

Bed Renovation and softscapes installed

There’s no better way for property owners to bring their outdoor space to life than with bed renovations & softscapes. The softscape services at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden are the best in The Colony, TX. Our team can rebuild your existing softscapes or landscape beds or craft new ones from scratch. No project is too big or small for our landscapers. 

Expert Design, Preparation, and Installation For Landscape Beds and Softscapes

We install landscape beds and softscapes with the following fast but thorough three-step process:

If it belongs on a landscape, you can trust us to install it expertly. With our years of experience on the job, we know how to find even rare and hard-to-reach landscape elements.

Designing The Space

Not all landscapes can house beds and softscapes of the same sizes and dimensions, so before we install your new features, we'll inspect your property to see what it can hold. During our visit, we'll measure your outdoor space and identify the areas that are the best candidates for softscape installation. You can leave the designing process entirely to our expert landscapers or pitch in with your ideas. If you have a specific vision for your bed renovations & softscapes, our qualified team will make it come to life.

Preparing The Soil

Once we've planned the dimensions and location of your new softscape, we'll prepare the soil for years of sustained plant growth. Depending on the flowers and shrubs you want, we'll add different organic compounds to the soil to promote growth tailored to your specific plant life.

Installing The Bed and Softscape

With the soil and softscape plans ready, our team will lay the foundation for your new landscape beds and plant your fresh flowers. Our installation process moves fast, so you'll enjoy colorful plant life within hours. If you already have a landscape bed or softscape that's not looking its best, we'll make it ready to house plants again. We'll also make minor design modifications if you want to adjust the size or shape of your existing softscape.

Benefits of Professional Bed Renovations & Softscapes

Softscapes installed and maintained by Stonebridge Lawn & Garden

Bed renovations and softscapes are challenging to handle on your own. Mismanagement can cause many issues, including:

Poor Design

Your softscapes won't look their best without a skilled eye and professional equipment to set them up. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we have the best landscapers and landscaping equipment, so our softscapes always look picture-perfect.

Poorly Growing or Dying Plants

If your softscapes are cramped or don't have properly-balanced soil, the plants inside won't grow and will slowly wither away.

Weed Growth

Imbalanced soil can also lead to weed growth in your softscapes. Not only are weeds an eyesore, but they consume the nutrients your plants need to blossom, leading to further flower decay.

Plants We Offer in Our Bed Renovations & Softscapes

You have nearly endless flower options when working with Stonebridge Lawn & Garden with bed renovations & softscapes. We offer a wide range of annual flowers, shrubs, trees, and vines, including:


Autumn Fern, Canna, Creeping Jenny Coneflower, Hosta, Shasta Daisy


Azalea, Boxwood, French Hydrangea, Hawthorne, Tardiva Hydrangea, Viburnum


Crape Myrtle, Cypress Maple, Holly, Magnolia, Oak


Clematis, Confederate Jasmine, Lady Banks Rose

Highlight the unique features of your landscape. Incorporate bed renovations and softscapes to showcase your yard’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

What Sets Bed Renovations & Softscapes From Stonebridge Lawn & Garden Apart

Well-balanced soil isn’t the only thing your plants need to grow; they also need weather conditions that meet their unique requirements. That’s why our team only offers plants that can thrive in The Colony, TX’s demanding weather conditions. With our help, you can keep your softscape intact for as long as possible.

In addition to having the broadest catalog of Texas-tailored plant life, our team has the state’s most skilled landscapers who always know where to position plants and softscapes for optimal growth.

Contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden Today For The Best Bed Renovations & Softscapes in The Colony, TX

When you need bed renovations & softscapes for your home or business in The Colony, TX, there’s no better place to go than Stonebridge Lawn & Garden. We have a vast selection of softscape plants, and our expert team will professionally and flawlessly install your landscape bed for an affordable rate.

Call Stonebridge Lawn & Garden today at (972) 625-0066 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our bed renovations & softscapes.

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