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Mulch installation is one of the most crucial lawn and landscaping services you must embrace if you want a yard filled with healthy plants.

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The mulch installation professionals at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offer excellent services in The Colony, TX, and the surrounding areas. We can’t wait to work with you!

Many property owners know the importance of mulch installation. However, due to the time-consuming nature of the process, even the informed sometimes ignore it. The result is a landscape that’s well below par.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden ensures you never have to go through the mulch installation process alone. We have years of experience delivering exceptional lawn care services in your neighborhood. Let our landscape maintenance professionals take over this complicated process while you relax and enjoy the results.

The Benefits of Mulch Installation

Many property owners install mulch around their landscape for aesthetic benefits. However, mulch installation can do a whole lot more for you.

Weed Prevention

Laying mulch across your lawn and landscape keeps sunlight from reaching the ground beneath. This blocks unwanted plants from getting enough sunlight to grow through your garden and flower beds. The landscape fabric used in the mulching process also prevents weed growth.

Moisture Control

Mulch slows down evaporation, ensuring your garden plants can make the most of the water you give them. Adequate mulch installation prevents soil crusting by keeping the rains from landing on the soil directly.

Erosion Control

Working with professional landscaping companies on your mulch installation is one of the best ways to ensure the landscaped area retains its shape. Adequate mulching and quality landscaping approaches like edging stones can prevent a washout.

Richer Soil Profile

Organic mulch elements will enrich the soil as they decompose. Your lawn plants will thrive without overdependence on fertilizers. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of mulch installation? Book an appointment with the Stonebridge Lawn & Garden team.

The Different Types of Mulch Compared

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One of the first things you’ll notice when it comes to mulch installation is that it comes in a wide range of colors and materials. Each variant has its benefits.

All mulch falls within two major categories: organic and inorganic.

Organic mulch contains natural materials like chopped leaves, straw, compost, sawdust, grass clippings, shredded bark, and pine needles.

Inorganic mulch features geotextiles, crushed rock, and plastic. They don’t enrich the soil, but they are low maintenance.

Common Examples of Organic Mulch

Some of the top examples of organic mulch include:

Wood bark, chips, or nuggets

These lumber byproducts work well around the beds of perennial plants and certain shrubs and trees.

Grass clippings and shredded leaves

This mulch will enrich the soil following decomposition. It's best for vegetable gardens and flowerbeds.


Straw mulch is perfect for protecting seeds from birds and rodents. It's excellent at moisture control.


Compost is another type of mulch that's great at moisture control and soil enrichment. The smell may be a downside for some homeowners, though.

Common Examples of Inorganic Mulch

Some of the prominent examples of inorganic mulch include:

Crushed marble, gravel, or lava rock

These materials don't break down, making them excellent mulching options around walkways and paths through your garden. In many cases, you only have to install the mulch once.

Plastic clippings

These materials absorb heat from the soil, transferring it to the ground. Plastic mulch can stop weed growth and keep your plants from rotting. It's also excellent at moisture retention.

The Best Time to Install Mulch

You should apply organic mulch at least once a year, preferably during the spring months. Applying the mulch at this time reduces the chances of weeds overrunning your landscape.

The situation is slightly different for inorganic mulch. Depending on your unique yard environment, you can install organic mulch once every three to five years.

A healthy lawn permits the growth of healthy grass and plants. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden performs mulch installation to create a healthy environment. You don’t have to lift a finger!

Our Mulch Installation Process in The Colony Areas

Our lawns and landscaping experts will spread mulch up to two inches deep around your garden during our mulch installation service. Our team is passionate about their work, which shows in their expert handling of our products.

We treat your garden beds and tree rings with utmost care. This includes keeping the mulch off tree trunks and shrubs to avoid upsetting their growth.

We evaluate your mulch needs comprehensively before getting started on the job. How much mulch your yard needs is how much we bring. You’ll enjoy exceptional customer service at every stage of the process.

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