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North Texas is home to many tree species that add beauty and value to properties. Trees like Ashe Juniper and Bald Cypress provide wonderful shade with lush leaves, while ornamentals like the Desert Willow and Eve’s Necklace species add elegance to any landscape. However, these trees sometimes need trimming to keep them healthy and looking their best.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we offer tree trimming and pruning services to residents of The Colony, TX, and the surrounding areas. As a top-rated landscaping and tree service company, we have the expertise to provide optimum tree care throughout North Texas communities.

Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning

Many use the terms tree trimming and tree pruning interchangeably, but they are not the same. Though both services are essential for the health and appearance of the trees, trimming and pruning often occur during different times of the year using different tools and methods.

Tree trimming removes branches and leaves to improve a plant’s appearance. It is also ideal for overgrowth in trees with limbs near roofs, electrical wires, and other structures.

On the other hand, tree pruning maintains tree health by removing dead, dying, or diseased branches. The strategic removal of limbs promotes the growth of leaves, fruit, and flowers.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we offer unmatched tree trimming and pruning services. Our team has years of experience keeping various tree species healthy. Our keen attention to detail lets our tree care specialists identify and safely remove problematic branches that impede the plant’s aesthetics and growth.

Why Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Are Necessary

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Trimming trees goes beyond visual appeal. You may need to trim or prune the trees on your property for various reasons. Give us a call for tree maintenance for any of the following reasons:

Tree Health:

A dull or drooping tree can have dead or diseased branches weighing it down. By trimming off the unhealthy parts of the tree, we can help its healthy sections absorb more sunlight and receive more fresh air to encourage growth.


Sometimes, trees can grow in a way that makes them hazardous. For instance, its branches may damage roofs, get too close to power lines, and block driveways. We can provide clearance to reduce the risk of accidents, fires, and damage.

Structure Improvement:

If you want to strengthen your trees' structure, pruning and trimming can do the trick. When we carefully and strategically remove branches, our tree care specialists can create attractive shapes that don't inhibit healthy growth.


Dead, dying, diseased, and infested tree branches can harm the plant's health. Quickly removing these damaged segments means the plant has a better chance of healing.

Development of Saplings:

Properly caring for young trees is essential for their growth. Through selective pruning, our team can eliminate slow-growing sections and spur flowers, fruit, and flower buds.

Benefits You Can Enjoy From Professional Tree Trimming

Tree trimming offers many advantages to your landscape and property, such as:

Thinning canopies to allow sunlight to reach the lawn

Removing invasive species

Creating visual clearance

Correcting storm damage

Treating tree diseases

Restoring trees' characteristic shapes

If a tree has too much damage for trimming, we may recommend tree removal. The good news is that Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offers that service too. We can also use our commercial-grade stump grinder to remove unsightly stumps left over from a current or previous tree removal.

Promote healthy plant growth with regular tree trimming. Hire a professional to ensure safety while trimming to keep your trees healthy and attractive.

Should You Trim or Prune Trees Yourself?

Tree trimming might seem simple enough to do yourself. However, it’s best to leave the task to professionals. Without proper knowledge and training, it’s easy to make a devastating mistake that could end a tree’s life. DIY methods also require specialized equipment that can be expensive to rent.

A better alternative is contacting Stonebridge Lawn & Garden to maintain your trees. Our tree care experts have the right tools and expertise to do the job well and help your trees thrive.

Contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden for the Best Tree Trimming Services in The Colony, Texas

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden professionals proudly serve The Colony, TX, by providing the best tree maintenance services, including tree trimming and stump grinding. We can do everything from corrective pruning and removing dying branches to aesthetic trimming to make trees more attractive. To request service from our tree care specialists, call (972) 625-0066.

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