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Curative treatments for grub infestations keep your home and business safe. Contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden to learn more.

Our experts keep grubs off your property with tried-and-true control methods in The Colony, TX.

Long-lasting grub deterrents to keep these pests from eating your grass.

Grub Infestation over the soil

Homes and businesses nationwide suffer from grub damage. Investing in reliable grub control is the best way to prevent lawn degradation.

Our experts at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden have everything they need to protect your property from harmful grubs. Consider the benefits of hiring us for your next yard treatment.

The Consequences of Ignoring a Grub Infestation

Beetles and invasive insects lay hundreds of eggs that develop into mature grubs. These animals feed on vegetation and roots near their nestings. White grubs can destroy large plots of grass in a single season.

These pests multiply quickly; ignoring them can cause you significant problems in the future. If your property suffers from a grub infestation, you may notice:

Yard discoloration

Dead patches of grass

Inconsistent grass texture

Grub nestings

Increased mammal and bird activity in your yard

How We Control Your Grub Populations in The Colony and Surrounding Area

Grub Infestation over the soil

Our veteran team of contractors provides world-class treatment for your lawn. They will identify unusual grub activity and determine a personalized solution for your property.

Our company applies a safe curative treatment to your yard to eliminate grubs. Additionally, we can administer a preventive solution to discourage these animals from reemerging. Partner with us to learn more about how we can help.

Does your property already have grub damage? Our team will recommend additional services to restore your lawn’s beauty.

Employ effective grub control through proactive full yard and targeted treatments. Stonebridge Lawn & Care can help you with whatever your grub situation is.

FAQs About Grub Control

You can find dozens of pest control products in local home department stores. However, they may not work as advertised.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Don’t risk letting your grub infestation worsen by investing in cookie-cutter solutions. Our team has years of experience handling these problems without hassle.

Grubs are most prevalent during the late Summer and early Fall. We generally apply our treatments during June or July for the best results.

Depending on the size of your lawn, service may only take one or two hours. We will return to inspect your yard and apply subsequent treatments where needed.

Our company will schedule these services around your calendar if you manage a busy schedule.

Like most pesticides, grub control chemicals pose a health risk to young children and pets. However, we have the qualifications to handle these products safely and will answer any health questions you have before service.

You can feel confident about hiring our team. We will use the appropriate treatment solutions to keep your family safe.

The first thing you need to do is hire Stonebridge Lawn & Garden to eliminate the threat. Once we are confident grubs will not continue to destroy your property, we will create a restoration plan that suits you.

Consider investing in our aeration and seeding services to regrow dead grass. Sod installations are also quick and reliable alternatives to natural regrowth. Lastly, we can install new lawn features to emphasize the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Our friendly representatives will help you explore your options when you call.

Professional grub control is cost-efficient compared to conventional DIY solutions.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we understand that financial limitations may restrict you from getting the help you need. That is why we offer our services at competitive rates.

We aren’t just your average lawn care provider. Our company takes time to understand your property and delivers fast and effective service every visit.

We don’t believe in sneaking hidden fees past our customers. Our staff is happy to discuss grub control pricing with you during a consultation. We’re always willing to work within your budget.

Don’t Let Grubs Destroy Your Lawn

Unfortunately, many homeowners waste hundreds of dollars attempting DIY methods. Don’t make the same mistake.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden is here to help with comprehensive grub control strategies. Enjoy transparent communication and affordable pricing when enlisting our crews. We respond quickly to your requests without sacrificing the quality of service.

Once we handle your grub problem, consider investing in our other lawn care services. We provide landscaping and hardscaping solutions to improve your property value.

Get the most out of your lawn by trusting our team of qualified professionals.

Contact Stonebridge Lawn & Garden in The Colony, TX, to learn more about grub control. Call us at (972) 625-0066 .

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