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Trees and shrubs thrive in the wild because the soil in the natural environment contains rich organic matter. In your landscaping, however, nutrients are often lacking.

The dead, fallen leaves and waste from mowing help enrich the soil and provide nutrients, but most homeowners remove them. As a result, your shrubs and trees compete for essential nutrients with other plants in an environment with little organic matter.

Therefore, tree & shrub fertilization is vital to ensure these plants get enough nutrients. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we apply a slow-release fertilizer to ensure your trees and shrubs can draw nutrients all year.

Stonebridge is proud to offer high-level tree and shrub fertilization services for residential and commercial properties in The Colony, TX. We put years of expertise to use, ensuring your plants thrive. Call now to schedule an appointment.

Top Signs You Need Fertilization

Are you unsure if you need tree & shrub fertilization? Some signs of nutrient deficiency in these plants include:

Dead stems and branches

Do you often find dead branches and stems on your trees and shrubs? It could be a sign of disease. However, in most cases, it signifies a lack of nutrients.

Discoloration of leaves

Healthy leaves have a rich, dark green color. If your trees and shrubs have purple, yellow, or brown leaves, they are likely in need of an infusion of nutrients.

Inconsistencies in the size and shape of the leaves

If the leaves on the trees and shrubs look different compared to similar plants elsewhere, yours may be lacking in nutrients.

The best way to know what’s going on is to schedule an appointment with our team of experts. We’ll carefully evaluate the plant growth and then recommend a tree & shrub fertilization schedule that will revitalize your foliage.

When Is the Right Time to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs?

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Ideally, you should use fertilizers for trees and shrubs in the fall and spring. Fall fertilization helps replenish the nutrients the soil loses over the summer.

Spring fertilization occurs in the typical growing season, and so achieves more. It encourages new growth and ensures leaves are healthy enough to navigate the summer months. Adequate fertilization twice a year will keep your tree healthy and fight off infection.

Best Practices for Tree & Shrub Fertilization in The Colony, Texas

Fertilization goes beyond grabbing a bag of fertilizer at the local store and spreading it with a hand trowel. There are essential factors you must keep in mind for the best results:

Test the Soil

You must test the soil first to ensure you choose the right fertilizer for your landscape. Acidic yards and those with a high concentration of specific minerals may need more than the conventional fertilizer composition.

Choose the Right Method of Application

There are a few ways to apply fertilizer to your yard. You have to make sure you choose suitable options for your foliage. Otherwise, the fertilizer won't reach your trees and shrubs. For example, you need to pay attention to the plants' root growth direction to ensure the nutrients are readily available.

Don't Fertilize Diseased Plants

Trying to cure plant disease using fertilizer is always counter-productive. It can hasten plant death as the plant's vascular system may be too weak to process the chemicals.

Avoid Over Fertilization

Excessive fertilization can damage your trees and shrubs. It encourages sudden plant growth, which the roots can't grow fast enough to match. As a result, the plant can starve.

Take good care of your trees and shrubs, and enjoy the natural shade on your lawn. Support healthy growth with specialized tree & shrub fertilization.

Your Versatile Tree & Shrub Fertilization Professionals

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we have years of experience using the two main approaches to fertilizing trees and shrubs: granular fertilization and deep root injection.

In deep root injection, we’ll use a root zone injector to deliver organic fertilizers directly to the plant’s root system. For granular fertilization, we’ll apply the granular fertilizer around the plant’s drip lines. From here, the nutrients will gradually disperse into the soil with time.

Our lawn care specialists will evaluate your trees and shrubs to determine the best way to administer the fertilizer.

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