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Lawn Maintenance Services in The Colony, TX

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Premiere landscaping requires year-round dedication and care to allow a yard to flourish and maintain curb appeal. Otherwise, your outdoor space could become home to various pests or appear untidy and out of place.

Our Stonebridge Lawn & Garden lawn care professionals know the intricate details of each lawn maintenance service. We customize our plans for commercial and residential properties, ensuring they receive the attention they need. From mowing to mulch, we are #1 for lawn care services in The Colony, TX, and surrounding areas.

Our Lawn Maintenance Program

We provide specialized outdoor solutions for a range of applicable projects. The lawn maintenance services we offer include:

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Mulch Installation

Trimming & Pruning

Seasonal Yard Cleanups

The Importance of Proper Mowing and Maintenance

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Regular mowing sessions keep the lawn at a reasonable height for the property. Left unchecked, the landscape could grow out of hand, becoming much harder to maintain. Excessively tall grass can damage lawn tools and become a hideout for pests.

When mowing, we ensure the mower blades are sharp to prevent grass tearing. A clean cut allows the blades of grass to repair themselves and continue to grow. Tears contribute to plant diseases and insect infestations.

Following best practices, we only remove up to one-third of the lawn height per session. Excessive mowing can impede the photosynthetic abilities of the blades of grass. Without the ability to absorb light, water, or air, grass cannot produce energy, leading to lawn death.

Other aspects of professional lawn maintenance may include care services such as leaf removal, insect and weed control, or fungicide applications.

How Mulch Helps Build Your Landscape

As a lawn maintenance service, we’ve seen how mulch installation has grown in popularity. Properly planned mulch placement helps plants retain much-needed moisture. These composted ground coverings also prevent soil erosion while providing new color and shape to your landscape.

Different kinds of mulch benefit some lawns more than others. The amount of mulch placed on the landscape, which times of year are best for mulching, and other factors also affect the success of your landscaping effort. As specialists in Denton County weather patterns, our lawn care professionals can take care of these details for you.

Retain the beauty of your yard and grass, whether it’s spring, fall, summer, or winter. Partner with a pro committed to year-round and effective lawn maintenance.

The Necessity of Consistent Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning are two different processes crucial to landscape maintenance. However, both create the optimal environment for hedges, shrubs, and other plants to flourish.

Trimming shapes a plant and removes errant branches. This process keeps the plant tidy while preventing it from growing randomly.

Pruning removes dead, dying, or diseased branches. Without these offshoots, the plant can focus its energy on necessary parts. This focus increases the plant’s overall beauty and health.

Without trimming or pruning, a plant can grow wildly and may die without proper care. Diseased branches on a bush or shrub may infect the entire body. Rowdy branches can affect nearby infrastructure and decrease curb appeal.

However, with this lawn maintenance service, we can ensure the health and appeal of your plants. We usually trim several times through the year in three or more visits. Our lawn professionals typically prune plants once a year, once the plant finishes blooming, or during the winter, depending on the type of flora.

Our seasonal cleanup services give your landscape the necessary touch-ups to flourish year-round. Your lawn needs vary per season, and these sessions allow us to review lawn health and accommodate growth changes. We can address disease and infestation warning signs to stop problems before they start.

Spring cleaning services often include:

  • Weed Killer Pre-Treatment
  • Leaf Removal
  • Insect Treatment
  • Landscape Bed Raking
  • Regenerative Pruning
  • Trimming

Our fall services take the end of the growing season in mind. Instead of preparing for blooms and growth, we prepare your plants to survive the winter. We want to ensure your annuals return and your shrubs regain their springtime luster each year.

The most significant part of our fall cleanup is leaf removal. Leaf waste can foster pests and disease. We usually wait until later in the fall to remove as many leaves as possible in one visit.

We Go Above and Beyond in Lawn Maintenance in The Colony, TX

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden lawn care professionals specialize in each lawn maintenance service. Our technical knowledge and the intricate care we show in our lawn service processes produce beautiful landscapes.

We serve The Colony, TX, and surrounding cities with our top-notch customer service. Call us at (972) 625-0066 today for your free consultation!

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