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We offer customized yard cleanups guaranteed to leave your landscape looking magnificent all year.

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Your lawn and landscaping needs change with the seasons. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we deliver spring and fall yard cleanups to ensure your lawn looks magnificent throughout the year. We have years of experience working with businesses and homeowners in The Colony, TX, and Denton County.

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Our Yard Cleanups Solution

Some of the services we provide during our yard cleanups include:

Lawn mowing


Landscape bed weeding

Trimming and pruning of shrubs and trees

Leaf, debris, and pine straw removal


Fertilization treatment

Although some seasons require specific jobs, our mowing service and some other landscape maintenance solutions help all year. Are you unsure of what you need? Book a consultation today.

Fall Yard Cleanups Combined With Pruning, Mulch Installation, and Leaf Removal

Too many brown color leaves

Trees shed their leaves throughout your yard during the fall and winter months. Raking the leaves is a challenging, time-consuming process that customers in The Colony would rather hand off to someone else.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we are happy to take on the job with our yard cleanups service in The Colony, TX.

You can harm your lawns and landscapes by not cleaning up the fallen leaves. The leaves can:

Deprive the grass of oxygen

Block photosynthesis by providing forced shade for large segments of lawn grass

Create a suitable environment for mold growth and fungal diseases

Encourage rodent and insect infestations

By cleaning fallen leaves off your yard, we can help you prevent these problems.

Our lawn maintenance service doesn’t end at leaf removal. Spring is also a great time to trim and prune trees and apply mulch. It’s also an excellent time to apply fast-release fertilizer to strengthen landscape vegetation roots for the colder months.

When is the Right Time for Fall Yard Cleanups?

We recommend doing fall cleanups between early September and late October. The cold weather doesn’t start fully in The Colony, TX, until late November. However, it’s a good idea to complete your fall yard cleanups long before the first chilly winds arrive.

Spring Cleanup Combined With Hedge Trimming, Mulch Installation, and Pre-Emergent Fertilization

During spring cleanups, we remove winter debris and prepare the landscape beds for the new year. It’s also at this time that we resume weekly mowing.

The most important part of the spring cleanups include:

Hedge trimming

Landscape bed realignment

Pre-emergent fertilization


Combining these services will improve your property’s curb appeal and set your lawn up for healthy growth for the rest of the season. Mulch installation from our lawn maintenance team can enhance your lawn in various ways, including:

Preventing erosion

Improving curb appeal

Preventing weed growth in your landscaping bed

Improving moisture retention

Insulating the soil from extreme temperatures

When is the Best Time for Spring Yard Cleanups?

The best time for spring cleanups is just after the coldest months. In The Colony, TX, this is usually late February and early March. However, we still deliver spring cleanups deep into May. Our technicians and maintenance experts are happy to customize our service plan to accommodate your schedule.

Never neglect your yard to protect it from diseases and looking untidy. Regular yard cleanup is important to keep your lawn healthy and happy during spring or fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We are happy to create customized lawn maintenance plans for our clients. Most of our clients include yard cleanups in their packages. Whatever your unique needs, our team can provide exactly the right services to keep your property pristine and your plants healthy.

We offer a competitively priced yard cleanup service. The cost of the service will come down to the size of your lawn and other such details. Schedule an inspection today for your custom estimate.

No! We can work while you’re away. You only need to clear out any personal belongings in the lawn and landscape area and close your doors and windows to keep out flying debris. You’ll come home to a sparkling clean yard.

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