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Lawn Disease Control Specialists in The Colony, TX

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offers top-notch lawn disease abatement to residents of The Colony, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Lawns affected by the disease

Cure your lawn of anything that ails it, such as brown patches, red thread, and gray leaf.

Do you have a patchy, discolored lawn? You could be facing lawn disease. Lawn disease has many causes, so homeowners often can’t correctly diagnose their issue.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, our disease control specialists know how to get to the root of the problem. We can identify and treat diseases arising from:

Stressful weather conditions

Poor landscaping technique

Disease-causing microbes

We will isolate the problem quickly and work with you to draft a long-term recovery plan. Our team dedicates itself to keeping lawns in The Colony pristine no matter the complications. Call (972) 625-0066 today to schedule a consultation.

Common Symptoms of Lawn Disease

Some of the tell-tale signs of lawn disease include the following:

Discolored patches

Circles of dry or dead grass

Small to medium sections of yellowing blades

Gray or white deposits in specific parts of the landscape

Powdery mildew

If you notice these signs, contact us immediately to begin the disease control process. Don’t allow lawn disease pressures to push you toward DIY approaches. It’s easy to worsen an already bad situation if you don’t have the experience and qualifications to navigate this problem.

Effective Lawn Disease Control Strategy From the Experts in The Colony, TX

Lawns affected by the disease

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, our disease control program incorporates:


Pest and weed control

Fungicide treatments

Core aeration

Moisture management

Proactive mowing

This comprehensive process helps your lawn recover from any existing disease and makes it more resistant to insects, disease, and future injury.

After thoroughly evaluating your lawn, we can determine which services you need. With multiple scheduled treatments across the year, typically between mid-spring and early fall, we keep your lawn healthy year-round.

Fungal diseases are especially stubborn. Therefore, we deploy a potent, regularly shuffled cocktail of fungicide treatments to solve the problem.

We shuffle the treatments because fungi tend to build immunity to certain fungicide applications after a while. By changing the composition of the lawn disease control treatments, we keep fungi from building immunity to our methods.

Our Lawn Disease Control is Effective Against a Wide Range of Diseases

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, our disease control treatments solve a wide range of common lawn problems, including:

Brown patch

This is an easily recognizable disease that can spread through your lawn quickly. It starts with small patchy circles of brown or yellow grass that expand if ignored long enough.Either way, the vegetation in the affected lawn grass area will wither and die from starvation.

Gray leaf and dollar spots

Gray leaf spot appears as a blight on the leaves of your grass. Over time the spots will expand, causing the death of all the grass in the affected area. Dollar spots follow the same pattern and growth stages, though they appear more spread out.

Red thread

With this condition, patches of your lawn will turn brown and produce strands of red threadlike material.

Necrotic green spot

This disease is sometimes called frog or bull's eye. Lawns suffering from this condition will show blights featuring a light-colored outer ring.

These are just some of the diseases we can treat. Our disease control program is versatile. It is effective on all lawn diseases local to The Colony, TX, and nearby areas.

Our disease scouting professionals put years of experience to use to provide excellent results.

Help your lawn recover from any disease. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden provides treatments that deal with the source and stop the spread of the disease, giving your grass a second life.

How to Avoid Lawn Disease

After your lawn recovers from any disease, you’ll want to do everything possible to avoid a repeat. First, you should note that lawn diseases thrive on unkempt and unhealthy lawns. Therefore, the best way to keep your lawn in good shape is to ensure you don’t neglect lawn care and maintenance.

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we are delighted to offer comprehensive service. We can move from disease control to lawn care maintenance when the time comes. So, if you want a company you can trust to keep your lawn looking great for years to come, we’re the one to call.

Schedule a Lawn Disease Control Inspection Today

Lawn disease starts slowly but can spread quickly without treatment. We encourage our customers to act fast once they notice the first signs of trouble. Our highly experienced team will swing into action to nip the problem in the bud and restore your lawn to its green, healthy appearance.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden eliminates lawn disease, saving you from spending money to restore what illness damages. Call (972) 625-0066 today to schedule a disease control inspection in The Colony, TX.

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