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Expert Commercial Grounds Maintenance Contractors in The Colony, Texas

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Potential patrons of commercial businesses often look at the condition of the property’s landscape. The company’s exterior must look tidy and appealing to make an excellent first impression and attract clients and customers. Poorly-handled commercial grounds maintenance can make a business appear lackluster or untrustworthy.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden provides top-notch service in The Colony, TX, and surrounding areas. We customize landscaping plans for every commercial property and help businesses maintain a professional and attractive outdoor appearance. Our lawn care specialists commit to your commercial grounds maintenance and customer service, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Commercial Property Services

As the top commercial landscape company in The Colony, Stonebridge Lawn & Garden prides itself on its knowledge and flexibility. Our company’s land maintenance packages cover your commercial grounds’ every need. We can provide service every other week or as needed, depending on what works best for you.

Our extensive catalog of landscape maintenance services includes:

Lawn Mowing

Schedule regular lawn mowing services during the growing season to maintain your property's health. Our most common lawn care service exceeds usual industry standards. We ensure a clean and well-managed lawn to enhance the company's image.

Mowing Maintenance

Before each mowing session, we clean lightly around the property to ensure we do not spread present waste and debris during our work. Afterward, our lawn maintenance team trims lawn edges and cleans grass residue with blowers and other equipment.

Grass Growth

If the current lawn is not up to your standards, we promote grass growth through improved seeding, aeration, and fertilization methods. With our time and effort, we help yesterday's dried-out or dying grass grow into a proper green lawn.

Horticultural Specialties

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden experts value the importance of natural maintenance. We are careful not to overuse chemical products that wash into water supplies or can damage plants. Our weed control and fertilization methods can also include organic solutions that reduce potential chemical waste.

Landscape Plant Care

Some plants may require seasonal trimming and pruning to maintain health. Our trimming methods help keep your plants tidy while our one-a-year pruning removes unneeded or diseased plant matter. We ensure cleanliness, leaving your property looking better than we found it.

Mulch Installation

Many yards may require mulch to help plants retain minerals and water for longer periods. Our experts study the condition of your property to determine which material would benefit your plants the most. We only use the best mulch materials to increase plant health and lawn appearance while reducing possible unpleasant smells.

Lawn and Plant Maintenance

We treat the entire yard, plant beds included, with our industry-leading disease treatments to protect property health. Our team also inspects the landscape for signs of insect infestations and utilizes safe insect control methods. During the fall, Our Stonebridge Lawn & Garden experts remove leaf debris weekly as part of our commercial grounds maintenance plan. This process helps maintain property appearance while making the lawn less habitable for potential pests.

Garden Plant Arrangement

Many garden flowers, while beautiful, only last for a few months at a time, but your business requires year-round beauty. Our annual flower installation team visits three times a year, maintaining flower beds and removing dead plants. We utilize stunning flowers with vibrant seasonal colors to provide your property with attractive pops of local blossoms. We can also include perennial and other longer-lasting plants and flowers, depending on your needs.

Commercial Landscape Design & Installation Projects

walkways with big trees

In addition to our lawn care services, we offer specialty services that can benefit your company’s overall appearance. You can rely on us for your landscape design and hardscape installations. Our designers specialize in creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors and employees alike.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden contractors discuss your infrastructure needs and desires when drawing up a plan. We create intuitive 3D designs to help you visualize the final appearance of your outdoor space. The limits of any commercial project rely on the budget, and we specialize in working each dollar to your advantage.

Our landscape and hardscape installations can include:

Retaining walls

Landscape beds

Custom patios

Outdoor kitchens

Fire pits

Water features


Outdoor lighting

And more!

Keep your lawn striking and spotless. Stonebridge Lawn & Garden provides top-notch commercial grounds maintenance in The Colony, TX, and nearby areas.

Rely on Our Expert Commercial Landscaping Services in The Colony Area

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden experts excel in commercial grounds maintenance. We provide the attention to detail necessary for premier landscaping and attentive customer service.

Our team provides services in The Colony, TX, and surrounding areas, benefiting commercial properties and their professional images. Call us at (972) 625-0066 today to learn more about how you can make your landscaping dreams a reality.

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