Give your yard a dream makeover

green lawn in front of home with landscaping

Get the landscaped outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted.

What’s in that dream yard you’ve always wanted?  Stone pathways with a water feature? Xeriscaped with natural local plants? Covered pavilion with lush garden beds? With Stonebridge Lawn & Garden your dream yard can be a reality. 

Landscaping offers tangible benefits in higher home value, beautiful and relaxing outdoor spaces to entertain, and it can even lower the costs of heating and cooling in your home. But the real value comes when you walk outside and feel happy to be there. 

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden offers complete design and installation of the landscaping you’ve always wanted.  We’re ready to build you an outdoor oasis where the lush grass tickles your toes, fragrant flowers and shrubs bring bright spots of color, and trees or bamboo that offer shade and privacy.

Working with Stonebridge

You can count on us to provide the best in customer service and professionalism. Our staff are experts in Texas plant life and know the right kind of trees, shrubs, grasses, and garden beds to ensure that your design will thrive over time.  We  work closely with you, the homeowner, to create the perfect outdoor space. We think about seasonal colors, size of shrubs and trees, the type of shading you want, the amount of lighting your lawn and gardens will need, any decorative items like boulders, pathways, or patios, and the comfort factors that suit your family and lifestyle.  

When your design is completed and approved, if needed, we take care of the removal of all old vegetation and debris before beginning the installation of each new element.  

Add hardscaping to your landscaping design

Hardscaping is all the elements in a design that are “hard” and non-living.  Most likely you’ve already considered many of them and have probably included them into your dream design – stone borders, tree rings, stone pathways, stone sidewalks, dry rivers, fences, benches, patios, pavilions, and more.  

With hardscaping elements, you need to consider types of materials, drainage, and the flow of the garden to outdoor living spaces.  When adding hardscaping elements to your design you can be sure that our experts will evaluate the best options for your dream landscape design.

With Stonebridge Lawn & Garden there’s no long wait or call center. Send us a message or give us a call to discuss the perfect backyard oasis for your family.

bright red and orange flower
landscaping design of plants, bushes, grey rocks, white stones

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper like Stonebridge Lawn & Garden

There’s no lack of design ideas because each space is unique and each homeowner’s ultimate goals are diverse.  We’re going to make suggestions based on what you love and offer design elements that you’ve not considered.  It’s what we do and we love what we do.

Years of experience, a love of plants, and an intimate familiarity with the climate and soil that surround us make us experts in the right type of vegetation for your space.

Do you really want to spend every weekend and evenings after work doing the hard labor that landscaping requires? The Stonebridge team is fast, efficient, skilled,and professional.  We’ll execute your design so that you can spend your time in your yard doing what you love to do.

Do-it-yourself often results in overpaying or having to redo parts of your landscape design which can kill your budget. When you hire Stonebridge Lawn & Garden you can count on quality design, plants, installation, and service within the budget you set.  

Contact Stonebridge for your landscaping needs.