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If you’re thinking of rebuilding your landscape in North Dallas, TX, from the ground up or want to make a few upgrades, there are several crucial aspects to take into account before you start. A plan can help you design your yard according to your desires, choose plants that suit your needs, and add accessories that will work best for your lifestyle. Thinking ahead can save you from headaches and increase your chances of achieving your dream yard. Of course, it helps significantly if you do this with the help of an experienced landscaper from Stonebridge Lawn & Garden.

5 Important Tips for a Successful Landscaping Makeover

It’s simple to go and buy plants and other yard accessories that seem lovely in the lawn and garden store, only to learn that they are not a great match for your landscape once you get them home. The following points will help you make a strategy and set you on the path to designing a stunning, harmonious, and flourishing landscape.

1. Understand the needs of your yard

Having a professional landscaper is a tried and tested way that you will truly know what your yard needs. They are knowledgeable about the design needs and the technical details, such as the local climate, the topography of your yard, and the soil type on your property. They can make a list of your requirements, including the need for a play area for your kids, space to host outdoor events, and/or a place where you can plant vegetables, herbs, and more. An experienced contractor can even sketch a plan for you so that you can easily play around with unique ideas.

2. Identify a theme

Choosing a theme can help you decide what plants, garden accessories, and building materials to have. A landscape theme can be as basic as using recurring patterns in your yard’s shapes or forms or as sophisticated as designing a zen garden.

To identify a theme, look at your home’s architecture. Since your yard is an extension of your house, try to match the lines and aesthetic of your home’s architecture. The theme can influence the placement and selection of plants, ornaments, and hardscapes in your yard.

3. Start small, then add the details

All types of plants, hardscapes, and garden embellishments have unique visual characteristics, including various forms and shapes, colors, and textures. Design a unified and striking space by effectively using these visual aspects as contrasts or to enhance one another.

Don’t only focus on aesthetics. Choose plants for your environment that have pleasing scents to improve the experience you’ve created for people staying in your yard. With the help of a landscaper, you’ll know the seasons when flowers will blossom and release their fragrance and the complementary scents that your landscape will have.

4. Be open to changes

Consider how your landscaping plants will change as time goes on. Take the plant’s growth rate, upkeep requirements, and ultimate mature size into account while choosing it. Make sure your plants have adequate space to grow to their full size. Though the mature size usually depends on the best growth conditions, keep in mind that your landscape’s particular needs may force a plant to grow larger or smaller.

In terms of the design, be honest about what you really want to have in your yard. There may come a time when the things you initially wanted may no longer work in your landscape design. Remember that making design tweaks is totally fine.

5. Hire a professional landscaper who you can trust

Although DIY landscaping is possible, it can lead to design issues in the future that might even be more expensive to resolve. Therefore, get the help of a contractor who will get the job done. Our team at Stonebridge Lawn & Garden can give you the landscape you’ve always dreamed of. We’re dedicated to creating for you an outdoor haven with lush grass that tickles your toes, aromatic flowers and shrubs that provide vibrant pops of color, and trees that provide shade and privacy.

Get the Yard of Your Dream! Schedule a Landscape Makeover with Stonebridge Lawn & Garden!

At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, you can achieve the yard in North Dallas, TX you’ve always wanted! We provide landscaping services, including hardscapes and even poolscapes. We understand your needs and know that a beautiful yard can increase a home’s value while creating a more relaxing outdoor environment for you and your guests. We provide complete design and installation of the landscaping you’ve always desired. Call us today at (972) 625-0066 to get started!



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