5 Small and Stunning Water Features That Will Boost Your Backyard

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If you’ve been thinking about how to improve your outdoor space, installing a water feature is a wonderful way to accomplish this goal. There are many stunning and low-maintenance water features to choose from, including a fountain, waterfall, rock pond, or birdbath. A water feature can come in various shapes and uses moving or still water to improve your property.

Hardscape services are a guaranteed method to add a bit extra to your area without spending much money. One way is to go for small yet striking water features. On top of adding curb appeal, these modifications will give you and your visitors a wonderful, peaceful, and relaxing outdoor living area.

Continue reading for more suggestions on which water features will look amazing in your backyard.

Choose From These 5 Space-Saving Yet Striking Water Features

A water feature is a beautiful way to enhance your outdoor living space and add something extra to your yard. Your deck or patio can transform into an outdoor paradise with the help of these options!

1. Bird Bath

A bird bath is a popular choice for a small backyard water feature. A bird bath gives your feathered friends a water source and adds visual interest as a focal point in your outdoor space.

Pick the ideal bird bath for your home. Our Stonebridge Lawn & Garden specialists can help you with selection and installation. Choose one that is shallow enough for birds to enter safely and leave. Additionally, think about the material. A concrete birdbath is sturdy but weighs a lot. On the other hand, a resin bird bath is lighter and easier to handle.

The location of your bird bath is also crucial. Put it in a clear space free from trees or bushes. Ensure it’s adjacent to a water source so you can simply refill it as needed.

2. Water Fountain

A fountain is a terrific way to incorporate water into your landscaping. A fountain frequently comes as a kit, making installation simple. It comes in various designs and sizes to suit your needs. A few options are pipe fountains, spouting fountains, and disappearing fountains. You can still enjoy a sphere fountain if you don’t have much room. It can also be referred to as a ball fountain. Since this doesn’t need a complex setup, it can be placed even in a tiny yard.

A fountain is a wonderful feature that is yet simple to maintain if you enjoy the sound of running water. Birds can appreciate this water feature if you put it in the center. Place it close to a window or terrace to enjoy the relaxing sound. To welcome guests and visitors, install a water fountain in a visible part of your yard—one adjacent to your front door.

3. Waterfalls

Add a waterfall to your yard to integrate some movement. Put concrete, rocks, and fiberglass to establish a path for water. Installing grasses, succulents, and flowers are fantastic additions that give color.

Smaller backyards are perfect for pondless waterfalls. They will have pumps that carry the water back up through the pipe instead of collecting it at the bottom to get the same effect with a smaller footprint. These can be made with plants and stones for a more natural appearance and require less care. Design a staircase waterfall to accommodate any size yard for a modern look.

4. Spillway Bowls

Spillway bowls can bring beauty to your tiny backyard. Spillway bowls consist of small, shallow basins with water inside. The water is circulated by a small pump, which causes it to overflow the edge of the bowl and fall into a lower basin. This process produces a soft waterfall effect that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard.

Spillway bowls are an excellent choice for small backyard water features since they are inexpensive and simple to build. Add LED lights to produce a magnificent display at night.

5. Bubbling Containers

Bubbling containers are the smallest water feature for a backyard. With just about any size pot, a pump, and a fountain, you can instantly create the calming sounds of bubbling water. A landscape expert like Stonebridge Lawn & Garden can assist in creating your bubbling containers surrounded by plants.

We recommend putting two or three goldfish in the containers if you live in a mosquito-prone area. The fish will eat the larvae.

Stonebridge Lawn & Garden Can Install Small and Stunning Water Features in Your Yard

Whether your yard is big or small, there are water features that are suitable for your outdoor living space. At Stonebridge Lawn & Garden, we can help you design and install the perfect water feature to boost your property’s curb appeal, make it more relaxing, and add to your personality.

Call us right away at (972) 625-0066 for more landscaping inspiration and ideas. Our specialists are pleased to help you construct the perfect oasis right in your backyard.



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