What Does Your Lawn Need To Thrive In Texas Seasons?

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What does your lawn need to thrive in Texas seasons?
Keeping your lawn healthy in our Texas Summer heat is trickier than you think.
The key benefits in maintaining a healthier lawn is to make sure it is getting enough water, nutrients, air flow and keeping lawn pest out. Which includes weeds and lawn insects.

The importance of adequate watering: During the Summer months your lawn needs additional water. Best times to water is early morning before the sun comes up and later in the evening right before sundown. NEVER water during the heat of the day. The water will evaporate before your lawn can absorb it and you take a risk of burning your grass blades and other greenery. Watering twice a day in shorter intervals will help your grass absorb the water and avoid run off. Winter watering is equally important, although the grass is dormant and temps are colder, the roots still need adequate water to keep them strong and healthy. Not watering in the winter months can create winter damage, this can look like dark brown to black areas in your sod.

The importance of fertilizing: Fertilizers feed your lawn the nutrients it needs to maintain strong roots and grass in the heat of the Summer months. Having a strong root foundation and healthy grass also helps fight against weed infestation. Our fertilization program provides the treatments your lawn needs throughout the year.

The importance of Pre-Emergents: To achieve a healthy and weed free lawn in Texas there are several crucial steps that come into play. Time of application and product effectiveness is equally important. Pre Emergents help to prevent the sprouting of seeds. This application is applied to lawns in the spring and fall/winter. While they do not kill existing weeds, this is a crucial step in helping to break the weeds germination and sprouting cycle. I like to call this their life cycle. Some weeds depending on their DNA, their  life cycle can last up to 2 years.

The importance of Aeration: Soil in Texas can become compacted very quickly. Aerating your lawn creates airflow and helps water and nutrients penetrate the grassroots. Doing this helps the roots grow deeply and produces a stronger, healthier and more vigorous lawn. We recommend this be done twice a year by our tech.

The importance of keeping lawn destroying insects out of your lawn: Lawn destroying insects multiply quickly. Especially after rainfall. Preventing these bugs and pest from invading your lawn is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy lawn and garden. These bugs will feast on your lawn and plants making them weak while eventually killing them. Weak grass and plants are also prone to disease and other fungi as a result of these insects. We recommend treating your lawn for insects, grubs and pests several times a year by our lawn tech.

Our Healthy Lawn Solutions Treatment Packages offer a variety of services for you to pick from. Each plan comes with a 4-times per year assessment and evaluation to make sure that your treatments are working.

Lets work together is creating the lawn and garden of your dreams!
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