Tree Trimming and Removal

Expert tree care from root to branch


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Safe, Reliable Tree Care Services

A healthy rooted tree offers shade, privacy, and value to your home.  Regular maintenance will include tree trimming to open the canopy, allowing light to shine through to the lawn below, and keep it healthy and growing. 

Homeowners are often unaware that their trees need maintenance.  If you look at the trees on your property have you noticed that…

…the tree has grown too tall and dense and the grass underneath is dying?

…the tree is now touching your roofline or fence line offering an easy route for rodents and pests to get into your home?

…the tree is touching your home, neighbor’s home, other outbuildings, powerlines, and could cause damage to them during a storm?

…your tree simply doesn’t look right, has scarring or signs of disease?

…your tree is thick, green, but aesthetically detracts from your home and lawn and garden curb appeal?

It’s especially important to remove diseased and dying trees. Our crew has seen unhealthy trees uproot sidewalks, cause cracks in the foundation of a home and  disrupt sewer lines – causing thousands of dollars of damage for a homeowner.

Chipper truck for complete clean-up

At our tree trimming or tree removal job sites you’ll see a chipper truck with the crew.  Not only does chipping make clean-up quicker and easier for your job site, but it offers an environmental benefit in recycling wood chips.

Our chipper truck renders the large branches and logs from the tree into smaller pieces which we then remove from your property to ensure that we leave it in the same condition as it was when we arrived, but with a healthier, pruned, and trimmed tree or no tree at all!


    this is removing small limbs and branches to improve the overall appearance and branch structure of the tree.

  • Dead Pruning

    this is removing dead, dying, or diseased branches from your tree.

  • Crown Lifting/Raising

    this is the removal of low hanging limbs that can obstruct sidewalks or overhang your home or parking spaces.

  • Crown Reduction

    this keeps a tree from growing too tall or top-heavy by removing small branches from limbs

  • Crown Thinning

    This is the removal of small branches at the top of the tree so that it opens the canopy to allow more sunlight through to the lower branches and ground.

What Type of Trimming Do Your Trees Need?

There are four main types of tree trimming.  Here’s the lingo you can use when discussing your tree needs:

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