Our Weekly 21 Point Maintenance Program

Starts at 135$ per month required filter cleanings every 3-4 months 99$


  1. Chlorine
  2. Chloramines
  3. Total Chlorine (includes Chloramines)
  4. pH (Potential Hydrogen)
  5. TA (Total Alkalinity)


  1. Calcium Hardness (Water Hardness) )
  2. Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer / Conditioner)
  3. Temperature (For pH Factor Calculation)
  4. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point)
  5. Salt Content - maintained on saltwater pools
  6. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)


  1. Brush walls and steps
  2. Brush spa
  3. Net pool surface and pool bottom


  1. Skimmer baskets (empty)
  2. Pump strainer baskets (empty)
  3. Filter backwashing monthly for DE Filters and weekly for Sand Filters
  4. Sweep debris bags (empty)
  5. Sweep operation
  6. Valves monitored / maintained for suction and circulation adjustments
  7. Make note of any leaks or other possible problems and get approval and quote to

What we need from you

  • Keep your pool equipment operating and approve repairs when needed
  • Report any observations of swimming pool issues.
  • And of course ENJOY YOUR POOL!

Monthly rates may vary depending on size of pool and additional spas. If there are trees and shrubs nearby, and other additional features that a pool might have. If your pool has not been maintained and needs initial cleaning you will require a separate quote.

Chemicals-Only Services

Starts at $70 per month

We understand you like to do some of the maintenance yourself so we have a “Chemical Only” option just for you! This service includes one of our pool techs scheduling a weekly visit to come test and adjust the chemicals for sanitization, pH and alkalinity control. Our techs will provide the chemicals; you will not have to store any chemicals at your home.

If you would like us to use your own chemicals and store them at your home please specify.

NTX Pool Pros is an affiliate with SLG Enterprises and is a sister company to Stonebridge Lawn and Garden